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Chicken Lollipop Marinated - 10 pieces

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These supple and fluffy lollipop shaped chicken wings are a tasty treat. Enjoy the amazingly succulent and enticing taste of best quality Chicken Lollipops dipped in a delightful marinade. Thrill your taste buds with the remarkable essence of these much loved Chicken Lollipops. To relish everyone's favourite snack, buy Chicken Lollipop Marinated - 10 pieces online and satisfy your appetite. Marinashion products are farm-fresh and responsibly sourced to keep a close eye on meat quality. All Marinashion items are free from antibiotics, packed carefully, strictly hygienic and very safe to eat. Visit for your favourite non-vegetarian food. Order from the comfort of your home and get delivery right up to your doorstep.


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